Diorshow Pro Liner Waterproof

The breakthrough Diorshow Pro Line Waterproof teams the easy application of a pencil with the glide and intensity of a liquid liner. Its retractable tip hugs the lash line for an instant buildable line, from thin to thick. The beveled tip does not require sharpening and retains its ergonomic shape with each application. Its waterproof formula guarantees a long-lasting spectacular line. Use the beveled applicator horizontally to hug the lash line with precise control; use it vertically to create a thick, bold line for a daring runway look.
272 Pro Blue


28,50 €   21,37 €
182 Pro Purple


28,50 €   21,37 €
092 Pro Black


28,50 €   21,37 €
582 Pro Brown


28,50 €   21,37 €