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Can I place a telephone order?
Of course! Please call at +30 2111883041 (24 hour service)
How can I contact SEPHORA GREECE?
You can contact SEPHORA E-shop Customer Service at +30 2111883041 (24 hour service) or send an email to
What does the “Web exclu” marking means?
"Web exclu" marking is used for offers exclusively provided by our e-shop.
On line prices are the same as in-store prices?
On line prices comply with in-store prices save for the products marked as “Web exclu” whose prices solely apply to online sales. Furthermore, our prices follow the commercial policy of our stores and can at any time be modified by SEPHORA GREECE through a related notice in its website, before product pricing. The buyer shall be informed through a personal message on any change before placing his/her order. Prices are the ones applicable to distant buying.
What about weekly specials?
Every week, we offer a discount in specific categories of products. Such offers are both available at SEPHORA stores and our e-shop and they are renewed every Monday at 09:00am, being active till next Monday at 09:00am.
I am a professional makeup artist/beautician. Can I make use of my discounts?
All discounts you are entitled to can apply only to SEPHORA stores, as it is necessary to submit the required supporting documents that prove your capacity.
The 1+1 Vodafone offer applies to e-shop orders?
1+1 Vodafone offers do not apply to e-shop orders. They can be solely used for purchases from our SEPHORA stores.
How can I find which gifts correspond to my order?
The offered gifts are presented at our home page, “Gifts” section.

Where can I find more info on the Club Sephora card?
For more info on the Club Sephora card, click on this link.
I am a Club Sephora card owner. Will I have my points counted?
In order to have your points counted, you have to place an order as a registered member and NOT as a guest. By clicking for checkout at Step 3: Summary and Checkout, you have to fill in your card number in the Club Sephora Card field so as to have your points automatically counted.
How can I change my account details?
If you want to change the details of your account, you have to log in by making use of your username and password. Next, click on this link and select to update your account.

I forgot my password. What should I do?
Visit this link and ask to be reminded of your password. You will receive a confirmation email. Follow the link included therein and you will be able to change your password.

How can I place an order?
As soon as you have added the products you want to order in your cart, click on the “Basket” and select between the two methods of order: These are:

As a registered member: fill in your details and provide your username and password. Pass through the 3 prescribed steps and your order will be successfully placed! If you are a Club Sephora card owner you can be awarded with the points corresponding to your purchase.

As a guest: by placing an order as a guest you do not have to be registered as a member and you only fill in the fields required for your order. If you are a Club Sephora card owner, you have to place your order as a registered member; otherwise your points will not be counted in.


When I am entitled to free shipping? 
Free shipping applies to orders totally exceeding €40.

When will I receive my order and how much is the shipping charges? 

Τhe shipping cost is €2- FREE shipping for order over €40.

You will receive your order on 1-2 business days.

The aforementioned delivery times may be amended in case of force majeure or unpredictable conditions (for example, national transportation strike, etc.)

How can I pay?
The available payment methods are:

Bank cards: We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard and Euroline. These cards should have been issued by banking institutes established in the European Union.

Pay-at-delivery: Pay the exact amount of the order and the shipping charges to the Courier Service representative at the delivery of your order. Delivery can be effectuated upon prior payment of the related cost and any shipping charges applicable.


Can I order through the e-shop and collect my order at a SEPHORA store?

Yes you may order online and receive your collect your order in one of our stores.
Do you ship internationally?
Shipments are made only within the greek territory.

Can I change any product/products from my order?
If you want to change all or any of your ordered products, you have to fill in the form included in your order package and send it to us (by Geniki Taxydromiki courier services, Tel: (+30) 210 8190000, stating that it is a return to SEPHORA GREECE e-shop), together with the products you wish to change. You may also visit and return the products at any of the SEPHORA stores. You have a 14-day (fourteen) deadline period from the date you receive your order and the new products have to be of equal or higher value of those returned. Products have to be returned to SEPHORA GREECE within the aforementioned 20-day deadline at an excellent condition, permitting their resale (in their initial closed or sealed package, including their accessories, instructions for use, etc.) and provided that they have not been used, opened or altered in any manner. 

In case of a change or return, who will incur shipping charges? 
Shipping charges will incur the buyer except for the cases of defective products or non-compliance of the delivered products with the placed order (in such case, SEPHORA GREECE will be borne with shipping charges).

Can I ask for a refund?
Of course you can! Fill in the return form you will get in your order package and send the products back into their initial packages. Products have to be returned to SEPHORA GREECE within 20 days at an excellent condition, permitting their resale (in their initial closed or sealed package, including their accessories, instructions for use, etc.) and provided that they have not been used, opened or altered in any manner. The refund will be equal to the cost of the returned products and will be paid by the same method of payment, provided that the return takes placed within the 20-day deadline. 


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