Backstage Pros Flash Luminizer

Inspired by the lighting techniques used by Backsage makeup artists, Dior has created Flash Luminizer, the illuminator brush that enhances the complexion in a single click, for professional radiance.3 application tips: - Open up the eyes: apply on the mobile eyelid, beneath the brow arch and at the outer corner of the eye. - Sculpt: apply on the forehead, bridge of the nose, tip of chine and top of cheekbones. - Brighten: apply on dark areas of the face (undereye circles, hollow of chin and wings of nose) or around the lips to redefine their contour.
001 Rose


39,50 €   29,62 €
002 Ivoire


39,50 €   29,62 €
003 Abricot


39,50 €   29,62 €