Program terms Club Sephora

  • Each member card is and remains the property of issuing company SEPHORA GREECE S.A. The member card is strictly personal and any transfer to third parties is strictly prohibited.
  • The holder is entitled to use his/her card in the SEPHORA GREECE S.A. Network of Stores, always within the framework set out from time to time by SEPHORA GREECE S.A. and notified to the holder.
  • The member card is not a credit or debit card. The holder cannot use it for monetary transactions, but only to enjoy privileges, as such will be set out and notified by SEPHORA GREECE S.A.
  • The participant’s only obligation in order to enjoy the program’s privileges, within the Sephora network of stores, is to display the personal member card.
  • For each 1€ in purchases made by holders of the member card, they will be awarded 1 point. After reaching 150 points, they are given a 15% discount for their next purchase from the SEPHORA GREECE S.A. Network of Stores, within 2 months from the date of expiry of the relevant information brochure.
  • The points and discount cannot in any case be replaced by money.
  • The member card and the rewards program apply only to the Sephora Network of Stores in Greece.
  • SEPHORA GREECE S.A. has the right to terminate at any time, without warning or justification, this agreement with the holder (or to prohibit any use whatsoever of the card).
  • The member card offers rewards to its holder for as long as the SEPHORA club rewards program is in effect. SEPHORA GREECE S.A. reserves all rights to change this period at its discretion and to
  • amend or terminate the SEPHORA rewards program.
  • SEPHORA GREECE S.A. has the right to unilaterally amend any term of this agreement, including the method for calculating the points and the amount of rewards for purchases. Any such amendment will be notified to the holder in any suitable manner at the contact details stated by the member in this application or by posting any such amendment in writing inside the company’s stores. If the member card is not used for 12 consecutive months, the company reserves the right to cancel the already existing number of points for this card.
  • If for any reason SEPHORA GREECE S.A. amends part or all of the terms of the program or terminates the rewards program, the participant shall have no claim or demand against the company, for any reason, since they hereby acknowledge that this is a rewards program that is provided at the company’s discretion.
  • The card may be replaced in case of loss, theft or destruction at any store of the SEPHORA GREECE S.A. network.
  • The participant in the program must notify SEPHORA GREECE S.A. about any change of address or telephone number, either by phone or in writing. Up until notice of such change is received, all documents will be validly notified at the old address.
  • SEPHORA GREECE S.A. reserves the right to regularly inform the card holder about the rewards and promotional actions via post, email, text message (SMS) or any other suitable method. If the member card holders do not wish to receive promotional and information material any longer, they must state this by telephone or in writing or personally at the contact store.

Participants in the program acknowledge that they are informed about the following:
  • SEPHORA GREECE S.A. reserves the right to process their personal data in order to improve the management of its clientèle and promote its products.
  • The participants’ personal data may be forwarded to third parties inside the European Union or third parties appointed by the company to manage the relevant file.
  • Participants in the program are entitled to revoke their consent or correct or ask for the deletion of their personal data following a notice to the MARKETING department of SEPHORA GREECE S.A. (
  • By signing the application participants grant their consent to SEPHORA GREECE S.A. to use their personal data according to the above and accept the usage terms of the SEPHORA club without reservations.