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Personal Data/ Privacy and Cookies

This section describes all aspects of the SEPHORA GREECE policy applied to the personal data used in website.
SEPHORA GREECE respects the privacy of the personal data you provide. Each user consents to the following terms of use, that are applicable to the entire content, pages, graphics, images, photos and files contained in the website. Therefore, our users should carefully read the terms before making use of the website or its services. By submitting your personal details and data, you agree that SEPHORA GREECE may use and process such details and data for the purpose of you receiving information and newsletters on our products and promotions. The following terms will apply to all the personal details and information that you provide to our website.
The Website administrator may anytime amend the terms and conditions of use, whilst users should every time check on any possible amendments. Use of the website is regarded to be a consent to the amended terms and conditions.

1. General Information
Through its website, SEPHORA GREECE may collect your personal data required for creating a personal account in, through which you may place your orders or register with SEPHORA Newsletter.
Any personal data gathered by SEPHORA GREECE are collected, processed, recorded and stored in privacy, in compliance with the provisions of personal data protection applicable in Greece (Law no. 2472/97, as currently in force) and the provisions of European Law (Directive 95/46/EC and Directive 97/66/EC as currently in force).
Any personal data collected will never be communicated to third parties (save for those required by Law and the competent Authorities) and their privacy will be safeguarded. SEPHORA GREECE shall keep your personal data filed for purposes of communication, statistics, improvement of provided services and for clientele management.

2. Right of access, correction, deletion and reversal of the procedure 
You have the right to access, correct or delete your personal information, as well as to deny the processing of your details, by contacting the Marketing Department of Sephora Greece at anytime:

  • by post (7, Dionysiou Areopagitou St. , GR 11742, Athens, Greece)
  • by telephone from 08:00 to 22:00, Monday to Sunday (+30 2111883041)
  • by clicking on the link at the bottom of all the emails sent by SEPHORA GREECE.

In case you encounter any problems, contact the Marketing Department of SEPHORA GREECE by using the contact info mentioned above.
Minors are not authorized to use this Website without their parents’ or guardians’ consent.

3. Management of Personal Data by SEPHORA GREECE
3.1 Methods of Data Collection 
The moment you are registered with our Website, we collect your personal data by using the form provided in the “My account” section. SEPHORA GREECE collects your name, last name, telephone number, email address, LOYALTY MEMBER card number (if any). Additionally, you may be asked to provide further information, such as your preferable products/services.
While placing an order, we collect your personal data by using the form of the “Create an account” section, as provided for by the General Terms and Conditions. Within such framework, we additionally gather the details collected at registration: your address (delivery and billing, if different) and information on the selected method of payment (credit card number, credit card holder).
Finally, when you wish to visit other pages through our Website, the SEPHORA GREECE servers automatically recognize your IP address (a numerical internet label for any computer linked with a network). All IP addresses are in the form of: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX).
The data we collect and which are necessary in order for us to respond to your searches or to have your order processed, are marked with a star at the data collection forms. If you fail to complete the compulsory fields, we will not be able to fulfill your transaction.

3.2 Objectives
The personal data we collect from you every time you visit our Website or place an order are necessary for the overall management of your order by SEPHORA GREECE, its providers and suppliers. This management includes tracing of internet fraud or fraud related to means of payment, the prevention and management of payments (non-payments) and the reservation of SEPHORA GREECE rights in relation to its business activities.
Moreover, such data can be used for getting you updated on products and services provided by SEPHORA GREECE, as well as on any discounts and promotions.
In addition, we reserve the right to freely collect and publish general statistical information in our visitors’ accounts, to the exclusion of specific information, such as the visitors’ names and addresses. We can collect the statistics required for interpreting the use of our Website by visitors (frequency of promotion through other Websites, sales statistics, origin of our visitors, etc.).

The data related to our visitors’ accounts will be solely kept by SEPHORA GREECE, as provided for by the Greek Law and will be only used internally for the conduction of market statistics studies.
Finally, Sephora Greece may email you with proposals on products or services, promotional or advertising activities, unless you declare your refusal by using the contact info of paragraph 2.

3.3 Data management
Data are kept for a period of time not exceeding the time required for the purposes of their collection.

3.4 Data recipients
All personal data will be used by SEPHORA GREECE. Except for images, the personal data collected by our Website may be occasionally requested from our partners, so as to ensure the aforementioned purpose, as well as to identify cases of fraud related to payments, the integrated and optimal management of LOYALTY MEMBER cards and the management of Commercial Activities organized by SEPHORA GREECE or its partners. SEPHORA GREECE limits the respective recipients as much as possible, with a view to safeguard adequate protection, in compliance with the applicable Greek and European legislation.

3.5 Security and confidentiality of personal data
SEPHORA GREECE has endeavored to take all the preventive measures required for keeping the confidentiality and privacy of personal data and prevent their distortion, damage, destruction, as well as their accessibility by unauthorized third parties. Technical and organizational security measures include state-of-the-art technology. Nevertheless, the company cannot control the risk associated with the Internet function and therefore calls for your attention on the existence of potential risks in relation to its use and function.  

3.6 Use of personal data
SEPHORA GREECE shall not transfer or by any means provide your personal data and details to affiliate companies, third parties and commercial or business partners, without your prior notices.
In the event that SEPHORA GREECE is legally or judicially enforced to disclose the personal data of its visitors, it will respectively, if possible, inform its customers (unless SEPHORA GREECE believes that it is not obliged to do so). Taking into account the standard of telecommunications technology, SEPHORA GREECE cannot safeguard confidentiality and confirm the integrity of authentication of the emails sent or exchanged between SEPHORA GREECE and its customers.

4. Cookie Policy

4.1 What are “cookies”?

A “cookie” is a file which can be stored at a specific space of the hard disc of your terminal* every time you visit our e-service through your internet browser. This cookie file permits the cookie issuer to identify the data terminal where it is stored throughout the period of its validity or recording.

* A terminal is the hardware (a computer, tablet, smartphone etc.) used for accessing a website, an application, etc.
4.2 Cookies used in our Website
Without prejudice to your selection to enable cookies when you visit our Website, we may install different cookies to your terminal which allow us to identify the browser of your device, as long as cookies remain in force.
The cookies we issue are used for the following purposes:

  • for collecting statistical data and amounts of data and for measuring the use of the different modules in our Website (number of visitors for headers and content, click streams), actions which help us improve the value and the usability of our services
  • for adapting the presentation of our website to the settings of your terminal (language, resolution, operating system, etc.) while visiting our website, based on the material, projection software and video software of your terminal
  • for storing information included in any form you may fill in our Website (for registration or for logging in) or information related to any product, service or information you may select in our Website (subscription, content of basket, etc.)
  • for acquiring access to limited and individualized areas of our website, your account for example, based on the username, password and other data already provided
  • for applying security measures, for example when you are asked to re-log in to contents or services after a specific period of time.

4.3 Cookies issued in our Website by third parties 
The issue and use of cookies by third parties is subject to the privacy policies applied by such third parties. We will inform you on the purpose of the cookies we are aware of and on how you can enable or disable them.
Our Website/Application may include software applications by third parties which allow you to share the content of our Website with others or to inform them on your visit or to share views on the content of our Website/Application. This is mostly achieved through the “Share” and “Like” buttons available in the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
The social networks providing such applications may use the aforementioned buttons for identifying you, even if you do not use the specific button while visiting our Website/Application. In fact, the use of this button may allow the specific social network to trace your navigation in our website, just because your social network account is active in your terminal (operating) during your visit to our Website.

No control is exercised on the procedures used by social networks for the collection of information in relation to your visit to our Website or any related personal data they may have. Please check on the privacy policy drawn by such social networks so as to understand the purpose of collecting navigation data through this kind of buttons, especially concerning advertisement.

4.4 What can you do about cookies?
There are many ways of handling cookies. The settings you are using may change your navigation experience and the access requirements to any service requiring the use of cookies.
You can set your browser so as to allow the storage of cookies at your terminal, automatically disable them or disable only when they come from specific sources. In addition, you may set your browser to directly ask you whether you want to enable or disable cookies, before them being stored at your terminal. For more info, go to section (C) “How to apply your selection to your browser”.

  1. Enable cookies

Enabling or disabling cookies for a specific terminal depends on the user of such terminal. The user may choose and amend this selection anytime though the settings related to the browser used by the terminal.
If the browser is set to enable cookies in your terminal, then the cookies used by the websites you have visited will be temporarily stored at a special space of your terminal. They can be only read by their issuer.

  1. Disable cookies

If you choose to disable cookies at your terminal or if you remove cookies already stored, you will not be able to use a number of functions required for navigating in some sections of our Website. For example, this refers to the access to any content or services for which a link is needed. It also applies to technical compatibility issues, when we or our service providers cannot recognize the browser you are using, your default language or presentation or the country from which your terminal is connected to the internet. If your browser is set to disable cookies at your terminal, we assume no responsibility for the low standard of our services, as a result of our inability to store or project the cookies required for the full operation of our Website and services.

  1. How to apply your selection to your browser

Every browser applies a different method for the management of cookies and their related settings. The formation of your browser is described in the Help menu, where you may find further information on how you can change the cookie-related settings.
For Internet Explorer™:
For Safari™:,
For Chrome™:
For Firefox™:
For Opera™ :

4.5 If your terminal is used by other persons 
If your terminal is used by other persons or if the same terminal uses multiple browsers, we cannot assure you that the services and advertisements projected to your terminal correspond to the use of such terminal by you or any other user thereof.
In such case, the common use of your terminal and the adaptation of your browser settings in relation to cookies will lie at your own selection and responsibility.
Attention: By accessing this website and any of its pages, you accept the terms set forth above. Thank you for choosing SEPHORA GREECE SA.

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