Poison Girl - Eau de Toilette

Poison Girl Eau de Toilette is an upbeat composition. Its triple-time appeal to the senses plays on an audacious meeting between contrasting raw materials.A duo of icy-cool, juicy oranges is like sisters chatting and complimenting each other. Next up, armfuls of sensual flowers introduce a spirited hot & cold ambience. Lastly, notes of Tonka Bean and Vanilla spread their sensual and bittersweet caress.This Poison Girl breaks the ice, mastering the effect she has."Poison Girl Eau de Toilette makes the most of its effects. It's a suggestive composition that retains its tender charm but also throws out cutting remarks. It blows hot and cold." François Demachy
Eau de Toilette Spray 30 ml


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Eau de Toilette Spray 100 ml


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Eau de Toilette Spray 50 ml


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