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Bumble and bumble

The story of Bumble & bumble goes back to 1977, in a small hair salon of New York, at Hairdressers’ Row. The reputation of this hair salon was spread all over the world and it was voted by American Vogue as one of the top 10 hair salons in New York. Hairdressers and clients would spend weeks waiting for an appointment to become part of the experience, learn about the techniques and try some of the well-known transformations. Soon enough, Bumble & bumble starts seminars on haircutting, coloring and styling.
Its first product, Brilliantine was launched in 1990 and was generated by the need to create products (not existing back then) which could be used or mixed by hairdressers, offering a wide range of choices.
Devoted to the vision of Bumble & bumble, its team members get trained at the Bumble & bumble University (Bb.U.), a higher education institute, operating as the exclusive sport for the trade of its hairdressing products.
The creations of Bumble & bumble hairdressers and designers in hair salons and fashion shows remain the absolute source of inspiration for series of products, being internationally recognized, designed and tested in the brand laboratories.
Bumble & bumble is synonymous to change and innovation. But above all, the brand is truly and madly devoted to the creative mission of hairdressing art.


Bumble and bumble

surf infusion - spray coiffant

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Bumble and bumble

prêt-à-powder format voyage

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Bumble and bumble

bb.color stick - stick racines

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